Introducing the "Learning Islam" series of graded textbooks and workbooks for use at home, the madrassah or school.

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The syllabus offers a study of Islam through its basic sources, the Qur'aan and the Sunnah, its principal beliefs and practices and its laws and institutions and their contemporary expression.


The LEARNING ISLAM series of textbooks is a set of Islamic textbooks starting at grade one level through to grade seven level. The first three books have accompanying (optional) workbooks. This series has been found to be informative not only for the young but for adults too.

How to purchase the Islamic Textbooks

For further details on how to order the Islamic Textbooks and the prices including shipping anywhere in the world, contact DPB Printers and Booksellers, Cape Town, South Africa

We are responsible for the compilation, printing, publishing and distribution of this series of textbooks. Also note that the textbooks can be ordered as a set or per individual grade and with or without workbooks.
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